Jason contributed research, writing, editorial and/or photographic services for the writers and editors of the following books:



Photo by Brian M. Murray, Sr.




Jason provided research advice to Bradbury biographer, Sam Weller, for the book THE BRADBURY CHRONICLES: THE LIFE OF RAY BRADBURY. (2005, Morrow)


Conversations With Ray Bradbury (Literary Conversations Series)



The interview Jason conducted with Ray Bradbury for the January 1999 issue of The Hollywood Scriptwriter is  reprinted in the book CONVERSATIONS WITH RAY BRADBURY, edited by Steven Aggelis. (2004 from Texas University Press.) To purchase

Jason's scholarly research appears in the outstanding book RAY BRADBURY: THE LIFE OF FICTION. By leading Bradbury scholars Jonathan Eller and William Touponce who are both Professors of English at Indiana University. (2004 from Kent State University Press.) To purchase

RAY BRADBURY: THE LIFE OF FICTION was press-nominated for a non-fiction Pulitzer and recommended for a National Book Critics Award.

Professor Eller is also the Associate Director and the Senior Textual Editor for the Institute for American Thought. Eller and his associates establish reliable texts for the writings of George Santayana, Charles Peirce, and Frederick Douglass. He also teaches textual editing to graduate students.

It Came from Outer Space


Jason's photography appears in a Bradbury book celebrating the history of the making of the classic film IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. Edited by Donn Albright. (2004 from Gauntlet.) 


Dark Carnival


Photographs of magazine covers by Jason also appear in the limited edition re-issue of Ray Bradbury's first book DARK CARNIVAL. Edited by Donn Albright. With an afterword by Clive Barker. (2001 from Gauntlet Publications.) 



Assistant Editor, Developmental Staff

Researcher, reviewer, and writer of resource appendices and sidebar facts for 16 books in the WELLNESS SERIES (Dushkin Publishing Group, 1992) and the Grolier Encyclopedia Series.



























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