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Amazing Stories

November 1988











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Among the pillars standing

White and heat-cracked in the sun,

Her fingers gently touch

The chiseled jaw of carved Adonis

And roll languorously

As a waterfall

Down still neck and chest unfeeling bare.


Her feminine concern cannot move his hands,

Nor soften the cold

Fixed stare of pale eyes.

His marble thoughts stay frozen,

Thick and stubborn,

His slips unformed with syllables.

Not a hint is in his face that he might answer

Her whispered admirations.


Tears then form, swell, brim and

Burst lid rims.

Hollowing her cheeks with darkened stains,

For she knows, in her wild-wanting passion,

His heart is stone between beats suspended.

His breath held private and within.

And hers, she did not choose to share again.


If only she had known

Not love in the beautiful stone,

The life was in the sculptor

Of the stone-stiff young man.

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